By Patrick Avenell (Follow me on Twitter)

SYDNEY, NSW: Sydney Smartphone Week kicks off this afternoon – almost literally – with HTC holding a special State of Origin themed launch event for its Desire S and Wildfire S Android smartphones. Samsung will back this up with its audacious 19-hour launch for the Galaxy S II, which is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2011.

Considering invites to the HTC event were sent just minutes after Samsung confirmed its launch date, it may not have been HTC’s first preference to hold its event on the night of Origin. Adaptability is one of the key features of Android, however, so the integration of Origin into the launch is commendable.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this story, an HTC representitive has sent us the following statement:

"Just for the record we always had a State of Origin planned event, I've had this locked in for weeks now, nothing to do with Samsung!"

Both the Wildfire S and the Desire S will be launched on Telstra, which is listed as a co-host of tonight’s launch.

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It should never be that a dual HTC smartphone State of Origin launch is just the entree, but this is Smartphone Week, so the Taiwanese brand will have to make do with simply preparing the palate for Thursday’s equal parts mysterious and extravagant launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung has asked tech media to clear 19 hours from their schedule for this launch event, with very few details provided as to what will be happening. We do know that Optus will begin shipping the Galaxy S II on 1 June 2011, though we don’t know if Optus will have any official role at the launch. will be at both launches, providing instant details on carriers, availability and pricing on Twitter. Click here to follow me on Twitter.