By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Sony Australia has today launched a new initiative, in association with the Sony Foundation You Can cancer charity, to support an epic expedition to the South Pole.

As a part of Sony’s “Share Your Journey” advertising campaign to promote its Bloggie camera, the electronics company is supporting two young Australian adventurers in their world-first attempt to cross from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back.

The Crossing the Ice journey will be undertaken by James Castrission and Justin Jones, also known as Cas and Jonesy, with the 2200-kilometre trip being recorded and shared with the Sony Bloggie camera.

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“Bloggie has been designed to let users share a story – whether you want to express an emotion, capture a memory or attempt a world-first,” said Simon Hovell, head of brand marketing, Sony Australia.

“Cas and Jonesy are set to tell one of the most remarkable stories of 2011 and it’s one that You Can patients can identify with as it will bravely push their bodies to the limit.

“We are expecting steady growth for the Bloggie category this year. Bloggie shares the same young, digitally savvy audience as You Can so we identified a brilliant opportunity to set Bloggie apart and also support young Australians with cancer.”

The journey will begin in 75 days, with Cas and Jonesy trekking for over 3 months and dragging supplies in two 160-kilogram sleds as they cross the ice.

In support of the campaign, $5 from every Bloggie camera purchased will be donated to You Can. Supporters can also view video content from the trip and donate money at the Cas and Jonesy Crossing the Ice website.


Adventurers Justin Jones and James Castrission.

The Sony Bloggie camera will take a trip to Antarctica to raise funds for young people with cancer.