Williams-Sonoma MD talks social media engagement, exclusive events.

Customer data is one of the best tools when it comes to personalising the shopping experience and engaging customers both online and in-store, according to Williams-Sonoma managing director, Evan Hutton, who spoke at the recent Online Retailer Conference in Sydney.

Williams-Sonoma Bondi Junction

Williams-Sonoma Boni Junction

“We need to continue to leverage data collection and mining. We have gathered over 50 years’ worth of data in the US, but only just over three years in Australia. By promoting our offerings, such as our free design services, which we do in-store and in the home of the consumer, and our cooking classes, we can gather more data about our customer.

“We can then take this data to drive our customers into our stores for VIP events and ‘best customer’ events. We also offer them exclusive promotions that are typically cross-channel,” she explained.

With over 724,000 likes on the Williams-Sonoma Australia Facebook page and 11,500 followers on the local Instagram page, the company heavily invests in social media engagement.

“We want to continue to develop our social engagement strategy to grow our Australian community and then focus on increased collaborations and partnerships. We will be spending a lot more time on the channel shift within the channel, web to mobile, and how to leverage this. We are also focusing on loyalty and personalisation tactics,” Hutton said.