By Patrick Avenell

When you hear of a supplier launching the first “pot tracker function” to the Australian market, your mind immediately thinks of some whizz-bang new law enforcement tool to monitor illegal drug use. But this feature is actually a key component of De Dietrich’s new Continuum range of induction cooktops.

Rather than scaring straight young troublemakers, the pot tracker function can recognise the temperature being used on a piece of cookware, so that if the user changes zones, the cooktop can immediately reset as required.

For example, if you had two pots on the cooktop, one simmering and the other boiling, and then you switched them, the cooktop will recognise the new location of the pot and adjust the temperatures accordingly.

De Dietrich claims an Australian first with this technology, which is included on the five new hobs in the Continuum range.

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The flexibility of this range was demonstrated in Sydney yesterday by French pastry chef Vincent Gadan and De Dietrich brand ambassador Jacques Reymond.

Gadan used an interesting analogy to describe how he felt when he first used induction. He said that before mobile phones were invented, everyone could live without them. Now that we all them, we can’t live without them. Although Gadan admitted that induction can take some getting used to, once the new technology is embraced, it is difficult to go back to gas or electric.

In addition to the pot tracker function, the Continuum range also includes a Smart Boil Function for alerting the user when water is boiling and an Elapse Time Function to automatically record how much time passes between temperature adjustments.

De Dietrich is distributed in Australia by Hagemeyer Brands. CEO Mark Bilton said that throughout De Dietrich’s 327-year history, it has been deeply involved with great leaders such as King Louis XIV and Napoleon, as well as the commissioning of the French national anthem, which is the basis for the Brisbane Lions club song. Bilton described De Dietrich as “the best brand you’ve never heard of”.

The five new cooktops in the Continuum range are the DTI1089V (RRP $4,799), DTI1049X (RRP $4,799), DTI1008X (RRP $3,699), DTI1043X (RRP $3,499) and the DTI1053X (RRP $3,999).

After first launching through Clive Peeters, De Dietrich is now sold through Domayne and Winning Appliance, in addition to other cooking specialist stores.

The new De Dietrich Continuum range is designed for users who want style and substance.