Media and influencers had the opportunity to put their creative ideas to work using the Cricut cutting machine at a special workshop in Sydney.

Author and media personality, Flex Mami aka Lil (pictured below) was a guest at the workshop and gave a demonstration of how easy it is to make the perfect gift using the Cricut Maker 3 that is designed to cut a variety of materials for craft projects with paper, vinyl, fabric, leather and wood. 

It can also draw, engrave, foil and perforate using a range of tools and accessories.  A supporting app gives access to thousands of projects. 

There were new heat press products on show including the Cricut Auto Press, Hat Press and Mug Press. Among the DIY options were gift wrapping ribbon, cards and a personalised beach pack with terry towelling visor and towel, beach bag and inflatable pillow, for guests to take home. 

The event was appropriately themed ‘Heat up your creativity this summer’, with a festive display showing all things to make from the traditional Christmas stocking to home decor, Christmas Eve boxes, Sangria kits, tablescapes, candles and more.

Cricut regional head, Nicola Dow Smith spoke about the growth of Cricut over the last 12 months and its commitment to its growing creative community. She also provided a sneak peek into continued innovation planned for 2023.

Cricut cutting machines are available from Harvey Norman and Officeworks.