Creative technology company, Cricut has released its most innovative heat press yet, the Cricut Autopress, merging commercial power with a home-friendly design.

Designed for those with a creative side hustle, small business, or avid home maker, Cricut Autopress is the most technologically advanced heat press in the Cricut range. It simplifies the pressing process and provides a safer automated heat press experience with less human intervention.

Zero Effort operation lets users close the machine with just two fingers, and the handle’s motor does the rest. Dial in precise time and temperature settings on the control pod to ensure consistent results. Reaching up to 205°C, the ceramic-coated heat plate automatically adjusts to materials up to 5cm (1-inch) thick. The machine auto-releases when the press is complete and safety-conscious features are in-built like auto-off, advanced airflow and certified temperature-rated plastics.

The Cricut Autopress is accompanied by the new Cricut Heat app that removes the guesswork to ensure pro-quality transfers each time. Cricut Heat app covers information on nearly every heat press project possible. The free and interactive app incorporates lists of supplies needed for the project, sets the perfect temperature and time settings, and tells the user exactly how to press the project.

Cricut Australia and New Zealand region director, Nicola Dow-Smith said, “We’re thrilled to be bringing new heat press innovation to Australia to complement our successful range of smart cutting machines. From at-home makers to those using Cricut for a side hustle or business, these products were made to support our talented creative community, whether their pursuits are for making for friends and family or for generating income from customising.”

She added: “The new Cricut Heat app is testament to our commitment to continued innovation. It provides a truly seamless experience, taking the stress out of every press. Without the guesswork, Cricut members get pro-quality results every time they use a Cricut heat press. This further exemplifies how much we are continuing to invest in our software experiences, to ensure the whole Cricut ecosystem is second to none.”

Cricut Autopress is available in select Harvey Norman stores and online for RRP $1,699.