TCL’s success in the home entertainment category in 2022 was driven by Mini LED as consumers stepped up to more premium TVs, including the company’s C7 and C8 models, according to TCL general manager of sales, Jason Carrick.

“Customers love Mini LED technology and are prepared to pay a premium for darker blacks, improved contrast and better colours,” he told Appliance Retailer at CES in Las Vegas.

“This year, we’re adding larger screen sizes in Mini LED with an expected local launch around May 2023. The new 98-inch size will complement other sizes in the range including 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch. We’ve increased the brightness levels and local dimming zones on this year’s range too. For example, the 98-inch Mini LED TV offers 2,000+ nits and 2,300 local dimming zones,” Carrick said.

“Our C7 Series has been enhanced for 2023 and now incorporates Full Array Local Dimming and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) 144Hz to target the gaming market. Our C6 Series by comparison is our first step into QLED with a 60Hz native panel. However, with DLG (Dual Line Gate) technology, users can plug in a PlayStation 5 console with VRR 120Hz, for example, and the TV will accept the feed and add a 2K resolution for VRR 120Hz. The C6 Series is available in screen sizes from 43-inch to 85-inch. Our P Series will remain unchanged from 2022 and continue to provide 4K Google TV.”

The latest in Mini LED, what TCL has renamed Ultra Slim, incorporates OD Zero technology, which uses smaller, higher-quality Mini LED lighting to produce thinner and brighter TVs. Local availability for this product is not confirmed at this stage.