Sennheiser is helping people understand conversations more clearly in noisy environments with its latest hearing solutions product, the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus.

Utilising sophisticated Sonova chip technology, conversations and calls are enhanced thanks to the Sennheiser Automatic Scene Detection feature, which analyses the noise level of a user’s environment and matches the speech enhancement level accordingly.

Integrated into the earbuds, Automatic Scene Detection ensures the clearest speech whether in person or on the phone. Together with Active Noise Cancellation, Conversation Clear Plus blocks distracting noises and improves clarity for every level of background noise.

Thanks to the Conversation Clear Plus app, set-up and tailoring listening preferences is made easy. Dedicated settings for different listening scenarios help personalise the audio experience. The ‘Relax’ listening scenario customises the amount of background noise that is blocked, while the ‘Communication’ and ‘Streaming’ scenarios automatically adjust settings for the best performance and clarity during conversations and while streaming content, respectively.

With integrated true wireless technology, pairing the earbuds with any Bluetooth-enabled device is quick. In addition to offering comfort with an ergonomic design, the Conversation Clear Plus earbuds feature nine hours of battery life or 27 hours of usage with the charging case. The Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus will be available in Australia from March 2023 for $1,399.95.