Samsung is expanding its Bespoke Home appliance range with the introduction of premium cooking products including the Bespoke Induction Cooktop, Bespoke Microwave and Bespoke AI Oven, scheduled to launch in Australia in mid-2023. Pricing and distribution are yet to be confirmed.

Samsung’s Bespoke AI Oven combines intelligence with innovative cooking technologies including AI Pro Cooking which optimises cooking settings while monitoring food. If the oven is set to cook a recognised dish using the cooking mode, temperature and time the oven recommends, the AI Pro Cooking system will send users food warning notifications to prevent burning.

Using an internal camera and AI, the oven’s Sense Inside feature – a Samsung first for food recognition and burn detection AI algorithm – can recommend cooking settings by recognising different dishes and ingredients.

Integration with SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health allows the Bespoke AI Oven to analyse workout stats and diet goals to recommend meal options based on ingredients in the home. The Push to Open Door replaces a traditional handle for a more streamlined look.

Samsung is also expanding its Bespoke refrigerator range by adding a top mount model featuring a flat, minimalist design with a customisable front panel available in glass and cotta metal finishes. Households can choose from a range of door colours and finishes.

The Bespoke top mount refrigerator features Samsung’s Optimal Fresh Zone+, Active Fresh Filter and SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode that optimises the compressor speed and frequency of the defrost cycle based on usage patterns and surroundings. The Bespoke top mount refrigerator will be available in Australia from Q2 2023.

Samsung Infinite

Samsung will also launch an ultra-premium built-in refrigerator, the Samsung Infinite Refrigerator, in Q2 2023, with a choice of fridge, freezer, or wine cellar. The fridge and freezer feature a combined capacity of 805 litres, while the wine cellar can store up to 101 bottles.

Known as Infinite Design, the new aesthetic is distinguished by a seamless look, durable materials, premium finishing, and elegant design cues with a modular design that can be customised and combined.

The exterior is made from premium aluminium to deliver a level of dent- and scratch-resistance and to easily remove marks and stains. Applied to the duct and door, Black Metal Cooling helps keep food fresher for longer by quickly compensating for heat loss, while Tunnel Lighting on the frame and shelves gives users a clear view of the entire fridge.

The new Auto Open Door features a sensor on its side that instantly opens the door with a simple touch. The dishwasher-safe BPA-free Auto Fill Jug provides easy access to cold filtered water and a built-in infuser creates flavoured beverages by adding fruits and herbs. The Dual Auto Ice Maker offers a choice of whiskey ball ice or cubed ice.

With flexible storage options, the Flex Pantry is an independently controlled drawer that can be converted to different pre-set temperatures. The two built-in temperature modes are ideal for storing foods from meat and fish to fruits and vegetables.

The wine cellar features a Triple Temperature Zone to simultaneously store different bottles of wine under optimal conditions. The UV Protect Glass Door has triple-glazed glass with UV ray protection.

The new SmartThings Smart Wine Storage wine management feature analyses wine labels and offers details on optimal storage conditions. When combined with SmartThings Cooking, the service helps recommend the perfect food to pair with wine. SmartThings Energy support allows users to monitor and manage electricity use.