Samsung has showcased The Freestyle portable projector at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that allows content to be watched anywhere.

Despite its compact design, the full high-definition projector can beam a 100-inch picture onto the wall or ceiling in 1080p resolution from 2.7 metres away. It can be easily rotated and achieve a sharp image in seconds with Full Auto Keystone and Auto Levelling features.

Viewers can also enjoy 360-degree sound thanks to on-board speakers with a dual passive radiator.

“The Freestyle is an innovative compact projector that takes entertainment to new heights. Australians love to try new experiences and they can now bring up to 100-inches of content to almost any room or even outdoors, perfect for those who love camping or movie night in the backyard,” Samsung Electronics Australia vice president of consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior said.

“The Freestyle is a fun, versatile and lightweight portable projector that is easy to set-up and includes Samsung’s Smart TV experience, so apps and streaming services are ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.”

The Freestyle can run off mains power but is also compatible with power banks that support USB-PD and 50-watt/20-volt output or above. With Bluetooth onboard, The Freestyle can wirelessly connect with Android and iOS mobile devices to mirror content through the projector. Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles can also be connected via the mini-HDMI port.

When not using the projector to watch content, it can be used for mood lighting thanks to ambient mode and a translucent lens cap. The device is also a smart speaker that can create visual effects and project them on the wall to move in sync with music.

The Freestyle will be available to pre-order in Australia on January 17 ahead of an on-sale date in February, priced at $1,499.

This article was written in collaboration with Tech Guide’s Stephen Fenech who travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.

Photo credit: Stephen Fenech.