Next evolution in the category.

Soon after launching its Deebot Ozmo 930 wet and dry robotic vacuum cleaner to mark its entry into the Australian market, Ecovacs Robotics is now ready to introduce the cordless Winbot X window cleaner. Utilising a four step cleaning process, it focuses on the space beneath the robot in automatic cleaning mode, while Deep Clean mode ensures the surface is revisited a second time. Advanced fan technology and edge detection technology ensures the space is fully cleaned, while the WINBOT X will also finish where it started.

“The Winbot X represents the next evolution in window cleaning technology. By removing the power cord, the robot is able to move freely across the surface it is cleaning, regardless of whether or not the window has a frame,” Ecovacs Robotics president of the international business unit, David Qian said.

“Our goal with the Ozmo series of robotic vacuums is to address some of the most common frustrations consumers have with their floor cleaning robots, like the inability to clean both hard surfaces and carpets, and not mopping effectively” Qian added. “These intelligent robots deliver the latest technology to market and the best value to our owners, all while safeguarding user data,” he added.

Slated for a mid-2018 release in Australia, pricing and retail partners are still to be finalised.