David Gubbin has moved to London to become the sales and marketing director for BRG Appliances Limited, the UK arm of The Breville Group. Breville will soon begin selling appliances in the United Kingdom under a new brand endorsed by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

During his time at The Breville Group in Sydney, Gubbin had been one of the more prominent members of the Breville product and marketing team, especially in its beverage categories. Gubbin's marketing skills were best realised during the release of the Dual Boiler (BES900), which has experienced great success in the Australian market despite its ultra-premium price point.

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BRG Appliances Limited is based in Chiswick, in west London (nearest football club is Queens Park Rangers).

Breville Group CEO Jack Lord said last month that the new UK operation will initially focus on 17 products at the premium end.

"For historical reasons we cannot use the Breville name in the UK so we will be launching with a new identity,” said Lord.  “The new UK brand for Breville will be officially announced closer to launch and will be endorsed by Heston Blumenthal.

“A total of 17 of our flagship products will be released in the first half of 2013, aiming to replicate the success we have already seen in the US where our positioning is very strong and is supported by premium retailers.

“Australia has a strong culinary and cultural link with the UK and Heston can genuinely speak to that shared experience.  He will be a valuable ambassador for us, particularly in this new and exciting market.”