The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and its affiliated charitable CEA Foundation have devised an inaugural video contest which encourages start-up companies with technologies that improve the lives of people with disabilities. Five start-up companies will receive a complimentary booth at CES 2016 in Eureka Park, the show’s flagship start-up Marketplace, and a $2,500 prize.

Start-ups can submit a video of up to three minutes in length to highlight how their technology improves the lives of seniors or people with disabilities. The deadline is September 18, 2015.



CEA Foundation executive director, Steve Elwell said, “The global technology community is providing innovative products and services that are enabling people with disabilities to access technology and enhance their lives as never before. We are excited to recognize these life-improving technologies at CES, the annual global epicenter of technology, and help recognize the important work being done in our industry.”

Accessibility Marketplace

New for 2016, CES will launch the Accessibility Marketplace to highlight technology that provides the support needed for people with disabilities to live healthy, independent lives. The marketplace will highlight products and services are enhanced that are enhanced to provide direct, unassisted and/or indirect compatibility assistance for a person with disabilities.

In this Marketplace, attendees will see how accessible technology facilitates connections, enhances learning as well as education of disabilities and capabilities, and improves the quality of life for many people living with disabilities, CEA said.

The CEA Foundation was created three years ago with a mission of linking seniors and people with disabilities with technology to enhance their lives. Accessible consumer devices are allowing for more low-cost solutions for the more than 56 million people with disabilities and the millions of people over the age of 65.

“Thanks to many of these technologies, we now see that people are living independently longer, staying connected with friends and family and enabling greater control of our environments,” Elwell said.

In addition to the video contest and new Marketplace, CES continues to feature the Innovation Awards Accessible Tech category and conference panels focused on accessibility. For more information, visit

Owned and produced by CEA, CES will run Jan. 6-9, 2016, in Las Vegas.