Australian online retailer, has launched its new ‘because’ platform, encouraging Australian consumers to embrace the thrill of online shopping. In support of Catch’s rapid growth plans, ‘because’ gives power to the purchaser as the precursor to any online shop.

Conceived by creative agency Sunday Gravy, it reminds consumers that it can be fun to buy things minus the guilt – because it was on sale, because of free delivery, or just, because. marketing director, Peita Golden said, “A great brand is built through persistent and enduring platforms – and together with the team at Sunday Gravy, we believe we’ve created something truly distinctive around the innate joy of shopping on We can’t wait to continue evolving this platform into the future.”

The TVCs, shot by the Glue Society and produced by Revolver, feature a host of unpredictable and unexpected ‘because’ moments. The series sees each piece start the same way – a customer typing in on an internet browser. From there, the ‘because’ scenes unfold with the products taking centre stage.

Engaging local talent such as Sydney choir River City Voices ensures the campaign is a true representation of Australia. The 1,300 soccer balls featured throughout were donated to local schools and sporting clubs.