Canon is introducing the PowerShot V10, a lightweight vlogging camera designed for lifestyle and travel content creators.

Weighing just over 211 grams, the compact PowerShot V10 offers an all-in-one solution that combines high-quality microphones (two stereo microphones and a third audio noise reduction microphone) and a built-in stand with 4K UHD movie recording and professional looking background blur.

The vertical body is an entirely new design for Canon – with a centred record button tailor-made for quick and agile one-handed camera control.

Equipped with a two-inch LCD touchscreen, which can be flipped to the front, is perfect for self-vlogging or recording others, while the built-in stand provides the option to record more freestanding content like cooking tutorials, or popular formats like ‘Get Ready With Me’ and ‘Unboxing’ or listicle videos.

The PowerShot V10 features a large one-inch CMOS sensor capable of delivering 4K video quality, while offering stills shooting capabilities at 15.2 megapixels. Creators can quickly switch the ambiance using any of the 14 included colour filter effects and Smooth Skin mode.

The Movie Digital IS mode is ideal for handheld videography as it helps reduce camera shake, offering sharper, cleaner footage with more detail and clarity.

Matching the capabilities of various social media platforms, the PowerShot V10 can shoot in both orientations and record up to an hour of continuous video. In addition, the auto level feature keeps the video straight to avoid slanted clips.

The PowerShot V10 is compatible with Canon Camera Connect app to transfer videos to a smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi. The built-in integration for temporary cloud storage, allows users to directly transfer to a platform of choice. Both HDMI and USB ports are included for transfers to a laptop or PC, or to use as a webcam. The device can be recharged on the go via USB-C.

The PowerShot V10 will be available in Australia from June 2023. Pricing will be set at dealers’ discretion, with an RRP of $699.