Specialty photography retailer Camera House has named Canon its 2014 Supplier of the Year. The award was announced on 1 Saturday 2014 at the membership-based retail group’s annual general meeting.

“No other supplier has driven consumers into our stores more, no other supplier has driven the market harder, and this supplier has delivered profit into our business,” said Camera House chairman Lance Miller.

Canon Australia director of consumer imaging Jason McLean accepted the award for the famous Japanese camera brand.

“This award is something we’re incredibly proud of as it acknowledges the real results of our massive efforts to partner at retail for mutual success based on satisfying the consumer need,” McLean saud. “Camera House has really embraced our consumer-centric ethos and we have evolved from a transactional relationship into a strategic partnership.

“We see nothing but opportunities ahead of us and look forward to driving growth together into the future.”

There are 65 Camera House stores in Australia, with coverage in all states and territories except the Australian Capital Territory. Each Camera House outlet is individually owned and operated, with each of these proprietors owning shares in the Camera House brand and entity.

“The essence of the Camera House brand is to draw from customer’s emotions encapsulating feelings of excitement and anticipation of seeing photos for the first time and the art in capturing the perfect image easily,” the company says. “The association of these emotions with the Camera House experience is illustrated through all communication materials and our aim is to position Camera House as top of mind when our customers think photography.”