By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sunbeam has announced that it has commenced negotiations with one of Australia’s breweries to create five litre beer kegs to fit the new Beer Mate which will be launched this month in time for Christmas.

The BE7000 (RRP $569) chills and dispenses five litre kegs which require a special manufacturing process that is likely to require the re-engineering of manufacturing procedures. heard that Sunbeam is negotiating with the two largest brewers in Australia – Lion Nathan and Foster’s –to see which brewer can deliver a five-litre keg that will fit the Beer Mate, which will then be available through a broad national distribution network such as the Coles-owned Liquorland.

At this stage, the only location consumers can purchase the five-litre beer kegs that fit the unit is liquor retailer BWS, which sells German-branded kegs for $30 from brands including BitBurger, Lowenbrau and Warsteiner.

The German five-litre kegs pour roughly 12 beers which represents a cost of $2.50 a beer which is cheaper than many hotels and clubs.

“We are in discussions with a major local beer manufacturer to supply a locally made beer in a five litre keg. One brewer is serious and one is looking at it. We expect that one will jump on board, while the other will follow,” Tacey told

“Discussions have also been held with another major foreign beer maker to adapt the Beer Mate to their keg,” Tacey said.