Parent company of Brother International Australia, Brother Industries Ltd, has won three Good Design Awards, bringing the total number of accolades globally to 214 products since winning the first Good Design Award in 1960 for its home sewing machine.

“Brother places design at the heart of its devices, both on an aesthetic and functional level. Our products are always created with the customer in mind, to ensure that they are easy to use, highly productive, and a stylish addition to any work or home setup”, Brother International Australia marketing manager for printing, labelling and mobile solutions, Stefanie Dixon said.

“We continue to incorporate feedback from our customers to make sure that we deliver the best value products, revising and improving our designs with each new generation of technology that we release.”

The newly released P-Touch Cube Pro and DS-940DW Mobile Scanner received the award for their simplistic and clean white design and functionality. The P-Touch Cube Pro pairs with innovative software to deliver labelling results for small businesses, while the mobile scanner is portable and easy to connect to any device on the go. Brother also received the award for its multi-needle embroidery machine, the PR1055X for its integration of functional technology, designed to improve creativity and productivity for textile professionals.

“It was also great to see the P-Touch Cube Pro receive the Good Design Best 100 award as one of the top 100 products or services. This put it in the running to win the Good Design Grand Award, Gold Award and other special Awards as well”, Dixon added.

“We had a successful launch of this product in the Australian market in September, giving businesses the ability to create customisable, high quality labels easily and on the go, using their mobile devices. We’ve seen administrative staff use it with a data merge to create labels for mail outs, managers in a retail store use it to set themselves up for contact tracing and COVID hygiene labels, and IT managers and electricians use it on site to print asset management tags. This is a versatile and portable label printer that is well built and cleverly designed both inside and out, making it an asset for professionals across a range of industries.”