By Patrick Avenell

The increase in the number of DSLR models featuring Full HD video recording has contributed to further growth in the Australian digital camera market, according to GfK Retail and Technology.

GfK reports that DSLR is the main driver of growth in the wider digital camera category, with advances in the feature sets of DSLRs taking these cameras out of its previous niche professional and enthusiast sector and into the mainstream.

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“Previously, the DSLR segment specialised in high-quality image capture, with movie functionality and voice features available in less than half of all models sold,” reads GfK’s global news report.

“However, in order to retain their competitive edge, DSLR manufacturers have had to increase their focus on multi-functionality. As a result, by 2011, movie capture is fast becoming a standard within the DSLR segment.

“GfK retail data shows that four in every five DSLR cameras sold offer this feature.”

This GfK report, which is specifically focused on Australia, further notes that in the year-to-date (2011), 170,000 smartphones with Full HD video recording have been sold. This equates to only 7 per cent of all smartphones sold.