By connecting several appliances.

Bosch Household Appliances has announced a new product line-up that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time.

Speaking at the company’s IFA press conference, Bosch Household Appliances managing director, Harald Friedrich said, “Our Bosch Home Professional Series of washing machines and dryers works with a form of artificial intelligence. The machine, via sensors, can measure the laundry load, how dirty it is, and what kind of textiles are being washed. From these parameters, the machine, in the automatic program, determines exactly, to the last millilitre, how much detergent is needed. This saves money, it saves water and detergent, and in the end, it helps the environment.”

Bosch already had some sensors in its current product line-up, such as the Perfect Bake baking sensor, which measures automatically when a cake is ready.

“Now what we are doing is connecting these products, sending anonymous data to the cloud, where we have updated algorithms, and where we can calculate exactly how long the cake will take to be ready, and the user gets an indication of how long the process will take. Our new cooking hoods are connected. You can control the hood either from your cooking zone, or via Alexa or other devices such as this,” Friedrich said.

Bosch also unveiled Cookit (pictured below), the brand’s first connected multifunctional food processor with cooking function. Cookit offers varied and time-saving preparation options such as Guided Cooking and manual cooking, as well as numerous automatic programs.

“Fitted with the Home Connect App, cooking inspirations can also be sent directly to Cookit from the comprehensive recipe pool,” Friedrich said, “cooking has never been so simple.”

Bosch’s latest developments in laundry care also rely on smart technologies. Using the Smart Dry function, the connected washing machine and dryer are closely interconnected.

“The washing machine sends the parameters from the last wash – program, fill level and remaining moisture content – to the dryer. The dryer then automatically selects the appropriate drying program,” he said.

“The new dryer no longer needs a door filter to capture fluff. Thanks to AutoClean, the fluff is directed to a repository at the bottom of the appliance. With average appliance use, the filter only needs to be emptied around eight times every year, whereas previously when using a door filter this had to be done around 160 times.”

Fredrich said that Bosch aims to actively support Zero Waste Europe – an initiative that was launched as people constantly try to reduce their costs, optimise their day-to-day, and go “smart”.

“We are living at a time in which food waste is a very severe problem and households can contribute quite a lot to reducing food waste on their end,” he said.

“We help by providing storage technology – in refrigerators for example – which helps keep food fresh for a much longer time. If you keep food at 0°C with perfect humidity, then the food stays fresh much longer, and that means you don’t waste so much.”