By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: For those that love quality sound engineering and Full HD picture, and are prepared to pay for it, Bose has today unveiled the ideal unit: The VideoWave Entertainment System.

The VideoWave is certainly not an entry level product: at RRP $7,999 it lives at the true premium end of the market. So much so, this product will only be sold through selected Bose resellers.

There are three main parts to the VideoWave: a 46-inch Full HD LCD screen, a console unit and a ‘click pad’ remote control. Users can connect up to five HD devices — such as Blu-ray Players, a Foxtel box and a gaming console — to the VideoWave console, that in turn connects to TV via one cable. Bose also throws in an iPod/iPhone dock to complete the package.

Here’s Bose business director for video products Santiago Carvajal.

“The Bose VideoWave system creates an entirely new category of product,” he said “We first combined picture and sound without compromising either. That gave us an opportunity to solve another problem recognised by nearly everyone: the complexity of using multiple remotes to manage separate devices.

“Our new remote lets you control everything on-screen. There’s never been a home entertainment system with this kind of performance and simplicity.”

There are some drawbacks, however, with the VideoWave screen still only 2D at a time when 3D is taking over. The LCD screen is also a throwback, with LED now clearly the most desirable form of LCD panel technology.

The Bose VideoWave will be available on 1 June 2011.

The new Bose VideoWave is available through selected retailers.