Bing Lee is the latest retailer to be signed as a customer on the Ominvore retail platform for up and coming Australian IT company, City Beach Software, joining Dick Smith and Super Cheap Auto. The customer list has now reached 500 in just three years. City Beach will also be partnering with property group heavyweight Lend Lease for use of its platform for online shopping channels.


 Bing Lee co-founder Yenda Lee

City Beach’s Omnivore platform is an Australian-developed cloud based system that overcomes the economic and often complex challenges for online retailers interconnecting to large online marketplaces. Omnivore takes a retailer’s product catalogue in a wide variety of formats, optimises it and delivers it to online marketplaces including eBay, Google and

City Beach Software founder and director, Dr Ivan Logan described the signing of Bing Lee as “significant”, demonstrating the market demand for Australian retailers to “simply and efficiently link into the large online marketplaces to broaden their customer base.”

“It also recognises the opportunity for Australian-developed technology to provide leading IT solutions where the market demand is identified early,” he added.

Retailers were experiencing difficulty in managing IT integrations of this nature because it was “increasingly expensive, draining limited resources and taking too long to complete,” according to Dr Logan.