By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Global LCD panels will account for 84 per cent of all TV shipments in 2011, however, the growth is expected to be half that of 2010 due to already high penetration, according to a DisplaySearch report released overnight from the United States.

The supply chain report forecasts LED backlighting to account for 50 per cent of all LCD panels across most screen sizes, in particular for 40-inch panels and bigger, where fully featured, performance-based characteristics are key selling points. 

“As a result, performance-oriented features like high frame rate and 1080p resolution have much better penetration among larger screen sizes,” said the report.

“Higher refresh rates will account for about a quarter of total LCD TV units in 2011, but for 40-inch plus sizes, the share is more than 60 per cent.”

3D technology will present itself in 30 per cent of fully featured TVs, though the report suggests this trend will run into more basic models in over the next few years.

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“While 3D is mainly for primary living room TVs, where 1080p is common, plasma TV manufacturers are starting to bring 3D to entry-level HD sets, accounting for about 17 per cent of 720p resolution plasma TVs in 2011.”

The report did not detail movements in IPTV technology.