By James Wells

MELBOURNE: Clive Peeters CEO Greg Smith would like the New South Wales market to grow to 20 stores and represent 35 per cent of the company’s business to obtain operational efficiencies.

Smith told that over the last two years the Sydney market represented 13 per cent of the company’s turnover with five stores opened.

“Sydney is the baby of the company and there is a lot of growth ahead for Clive Peeters in New South Wales. Eventually we would like about 12 metropolitan and about eight regional stores.

“We are getting traction with five stores, but we are spending the same amount on advertising in Sydney as we are in the whole of Victoria and we are turning over four times less in the Sydney market.

“NSW’s share of the national industry market is 35 per cent and eventually I would like that to be in line with our numbers as well. It is our aspiration to get 20 stores up and have it as the biggest state, whereas at this stage, Victoria is our largest state and New South Wales is a distant fourth.”