Belling has expanded its Richmond Range Cooker line-up with the addition of a 60cm model, complementing the 90cm and 110cm options that are currently available.

The Mini Richmond Range Cooker has been created for consumers with smaller kitchen spaces or those looking to fit a new oven into an existing 60cm space.

Glen Dimplex CEO, David Woodward said the new Mini Richmond range would bring pleasure and convenience of multi-cavity cooking to a wider audience.

“The large dimensions of the original Richmond Range Cooker were sometimes a barrier to installation: the 90cm and 110cm cooker often had to be factored into a new build of renovation from the beginning. The Mini Richmond’s 60cm format aligns with the standard oven space found in most kitchens, meaning households can update their existing oven easily and benefit from the superior design the Richmond range is loved for,” he said.

“Multi-cavity cooking is energy-efficient and allows more versatility in meal preparation. Different foods can be cooked at varying times and temperatures: the Mini Richmond can slow-cook a roast in one compartment while pastry proofs in the other. It’s a gourmet game changer.”

The Mini Richmond is available in black and white with twin oven technology, options for induction or gas top, a separate grill, telescopic rails, 123L capacity, programmable timer and easy clean enamel.