Belkin is introducing its ScreenForce TrueClear Curve screen protectors for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series. The screen protectors received the ‘Designed for Samsung’ badge through the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP).

“Belkin has led the accessories market in innovation and technology leadership for 40 years. People trust us to build the world’s best products to connect, power and protect their devices, and to put our customers and partners first,” Belkin CEO, Steve Malony said.

“Having Samsung’s additional stamp of approval allows our customers to have comfort and confidence that a Belkin product was designed perfectly for their brand-new device.”

Belkin ScreenForce TrueClear Curve Blue Light Filter Screen Protectors are available for all three new Samsung devices and are specially designed to be compatible with Samsung ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The protectors are crystal clear upon application, ultra-thin and built to reduce up to 20% blue light.

Anti-microbial treatment protects the product from microbial growth and anti-fingerprint coating prevents surface-level scratches, scuffs and smudges. An easy align tray is included for seamless at-home application or free professional in-store application is offered in select retail stores.

The packaging is plastic-free and uses 100% recyclable materials.

The ScreenForce TrueClear Curve screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S23 devices are now available at select retailers across Australia and New Zealand and coming soon to for $39.95.