Belkin has sold one million units of kids’ headphones globally, solidifying its position as a leader in kids’ audio products.

Utilising expertise from seasoned acoustic engineers, Belkin has developed its signature SoundForm line, combining tasteful design and great sound. For kids’ headphones, safe volume limits guarantee a safe listening experience in both wired and wireless options. To add fun and personality, the SoundForm Mini on-ear headphones include stickers for kids to further personalise their headphones.

Belkin International CEO, Steve Malony said, “I’m thrilled to see the growth of our kids’ audio line. We’re incredibly proud of the products we’ve created, which provide fun and entertaining experiences for kids and parents. We take immense pride in designing products that are perfect for everyday use. We always want to make sure that parents can trust Belkin to deliver quality products that are safe for their kids to use.”

As part of its audio-testing process, Belkin uses special microphones to test all headphones, ensuring accurate sound measurements. Belkin follows industry standards and uses a specific test signal for consistency, along with a Bluetooth transmitter to ensure reliable test results. Instead of relying solely on its own lab results, the company confirms its findings with results from two additional independent labs.

Belkin Signature Sound is about balancing deep bass, crystal clear vocals and crisp treble even at the lowest of volumes, limiting volume to 85dB.

Belkin SoundForm on-ear headphones are available via Amazon, Big W, JB Hi-Fi and the Belkin website with RRPs starting from $29.95. SoundForm over-ear headset is available via Amazon and Belkin for $69.95.