Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans is calling on all battery retailers and importers to participate in the newly accredited Battery Stewardship Scheme.

The Scheme will triple the battery collection rate over a period of five years and divert 90% of the collected materials from landfill.

“Our current battery recycling rate is just not good enough. Accreditation of the scheme gives both the public and industry assurance that the scheme aligns with Australia’s circular economy principles. It is the Australian government’s tick of approval,” Evans said.

“Accordingly, I am determined to see constructive engagement from all facets of the battery supply and recycling chain with the scheme—we need everyone in the supply chain to play their part in making sure that Australia gets its battery recycling right.

“I am putting all battery importers and retailers on notice that the government expects them to participate in the scheme to meet their recycling and waste reduction obligations. The Battery Stewardship Scheme will recover and recycle button batteries and the batteries we all routinely find ourselves replacing as consumers including AAs and AAAs.

“This scheme will not only benefit Australia’s unique environment by recovering and recycling the batteries currently sent to landfill but will also help remove button batteries, which can be hazardous to small children, from our homes.”

Battery Stewardship Scheme (BSC) CEO, Libby Chaplin (pictured above) said this marks a pivotal step in the journey towards the launch of a national collection network by January 2022.

“Accreditation demonstrates how significantly the government supports the Scheme and as a result the BSC expects to see importer and retailer participation grow,” she said.

“The BSC is very pleased with the announcement from the Australian Government that our application for accreditation has been successful. This will give confidence to the battery collection and recycling industry to invest in infrastructure for collection and processing.

“It also puts greater emphasis on the Scheme’s commitment to transparency and responsible recycling which the BSC looks forward to delivering for the industry.”