Sennheiser Urbanite is intended recapture sales lost to fashion-forward rivals.
Sennheiser Urbanite is intended recapture sales lost to fashion-forward rivals.

Youngsters yearning for the height of German sound engineering while still wanting to rock a gnarly pair of cans will be pleased to know that Sennheiser has officially launched its new Urbanite range, originally unveiled at IFA in Berlin earlier month, into Australia.

The new range comes in two size varieties: Urbanite and Urbanite XL, both available in broad array of on-trend colour schemes. Here’s Tim Voelker, director of sales and marketing at Sennheiser, making his pitch to the youth of today:

“Sennheiser Urbanite headphones are for the generation of millennials who know more and demand more. They love their tunes heavy and love to look good, but are smart consumers who won’t compromise on quality. They want bass but want it done right. The Sennheiser Urbanite is answering these demands.”

Attentive readers will notice the subtle dig at Beats by Dre — “They want bass but want it done right” — which is the nominal market this range is looking to recapture back from the style-first, bass-loud, quality-questionable brand of rapstar-inspired headphones.

“We’re bringing something fresh and new that will finally meet the expectations of this tough audience, and will be building the buzz for the Urbanite range through an exciting social media campaign under the headline ‘Let your ears be loved’.”

Part of Sennheiser’s pitch with the Urbanite range will be around build quality. Sennheiser wants to make it clear that these headphones are made from premium materials — a fabric-wrapped headband, metallic hinge mechanism and aluminium sliders — will mark these headphones as distinctly non-plasticky, according to Voelker.

Not wanting to play favourites, these headphones will come with in-line remotes for Apple, Android and Windows phones and tablets. The smaller sized headphones are RRP $299 and the XL varieties are RRP $399.

Sennheiser Urbanite colour range.