The team behind new audio brand Aurisonics submit their products to unusual tests; most notably hitting them with a 30 pound mallet (that’s about 13.6 kilograms).

Designed and made in Nashville, Tennessee, Aurisonics’ Rockets are headphones milled from titanium and rated waterproof to IP65 standards. According to the official spiel the kevlar tri-weave military grade cables don’t get tangled during daily use.

Aurisonics was founded in 2011 by veteran master audio engineer and audio products designer Dale Lott. Previously Lott designed communication equipment for the military and this experience has allowed him to make military grade, mallet-proof headphones.

Aurisonics' Rockets
Aurisonics’ Rockets, from RRP $299

Rockets are designed to be worn deeper in the ear canal, secured by the patent-pending tri-tab collar. They also double as ear plugs, blocking out up to 24 decibels of external noise.

The new proprietary 5.1 millimetre precision micro dynamic drivers “deliver lush and intimate vocals, fast and detailed bass, and non-fatiguing treble for hours of aural pleasure.”

“With such an incredible sound from such a small driver, we decided to make a product that doesn’t only sound amazing, but is also a workhorse built to last, meeting and exceeding military specifications for strength and waterproofing,” Lott said.

Rockets are distributed by BusiSoft and are RRP $299 (without a microphone)  and RRP $369 (with microphone). Here they are being hit by a mallet: