Arlo Technologies has introduced a new safety app featuring one-tap 24/7 emergency response, family safety, automatic crash detection and more.

The app is currently available in the US market with plans to extend availability to Australia in the future.

Through the Arlo Safe app, households can access live safety experts 24/7 to send fire, police or medical responders to an exact location, and provide critical details to prepare for the emergency situation.

Users can also send check-in requests to a family member or send help directly, set up places such as home, office or school to receive notifications when family members leave or arrive and get alerted when they travel outside of a designated area.

Advanced impact detection expedites emergency response in the event of a vehicle accident by sharing location and medical information with first responders. The app also enables event audio and video recordings to share details following an incident.

“With Arlo Safe, we’re leveraging Arlo’s award-winning expertise around smart home security and intuitive, easy-to-use design to deliver the most secure, comprehensive safety app that keeps pace with our modern, busy lives,” Arlo Technologies senior vice president of products, Tim Johnston said.

“Features like 24/7 live agent emergency support, location sharing, family check-ins, and safety alerts provide on-the-go protection to keep you safe in a time of need.”

There are three monthly subscription plans starting at US$4.99 for individuals and US$9.99 for families or the new Safe and Secure Pro plan for US$19.99.

The Arlo Safe app is available to download for free on iOS and Android US app stores. 

Working in tandem with the Arlo Safe app, the Arlo Safe Button can be used to alert safety experts and rapidly send emergency responders to the user’s location anytime. The device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Arlo Safe app for quicker, more discreet access.

The Arlo Safe Button is available for US$29.99 at and a one-year subscription to the Arlo Safe Family plan for US$119.99.