By Patrick Avenell

Dyson will officially launch its new DC39 tonight in Sydney. This vacuum cleaner is the English manufacturer’s first cylinder vacuum with patented ‘Ball’ technology. This new form factor for a Dyson has been developed to create greater manoeuvrability around tight corners.

“We thrive on engineering challenges, and our first Ball cylinder posed quite a few — cramming over 100 components into the ball itself, compressing the airways, concealing the motor and ducting and devising a new steering mechanism,” said Dyson founder and inventor Sir James Dyson.

“We’ve miniaturised the technology to deliver our most manoeuvrable cylinder vacuum yet.”

Dyson said that because the DC39 sits on a ball, it has a lower centre of gravity and is easier to pull without snagging on corners or carpet pile. This is coupled with a patented central steering system, which uses and articulating chassis and central pivot point to negotiate tight turns and to enable the circumnavigation of furniture.

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Joining the Ball in its Dyson debut is a new internal technology: Radial Cyclone. This new feature is designed to capture more microscopic dust than previous models, with Dyson saying that every angle of each airway is honed to ensure particles as small as one five-thousandths of a pin head are captured in the DC39’s bin.

There are three DC39 models in the launch range: the Multi Floor (yellow), the Allergy (blue) and the Animal (purple). All DC39s come with a combination accessory tool for crevice cleaning and dusting, and a stair tool. Also available is the Musclehead floor tool, which can self-adjust its cleaning head depending on the surface, such as between hard wood and carpet.

The DC39 will retail from RRP $749.

More information on the DC39 will be on after the launch tonight.

The new Dyson DC39 Allergy vacuum cleaner.