Risk of electric shock.

Apple three-prong AC wall plug adapters supplied with Mac, certain iOS devices and part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kits, have been recalled. The adapters may be susceptible to breakage, exposing electrical components, posing risk of electric shock.

The wall plug adapters were designed primarily for use in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong and sold as original equipment between January 2003 and January 2015 in Australia as well as internationally and online.

Affected adapters are white with no letters in the inside slot where it attaches to an Apple power adapter. New plug adapters are white with grey on the inside portion where it attaches to the power adapter and are not affected by this issue.

Consumers can obtain replacement adapters by returning affected adapters to their nearest Apple store, contacting an authorized Apple service provider or contacting Apple support to arrange return and receive a replacement.