Mobile charging brand, Anker has unveiled the industry’s first portable power station to incorporate GaN technology for a longer lasting battery and overall lifespan.

With capacity to power up to 10 devices, the new Anker PowerHouse 767 is the world’s most efficient, longest lasting and most portable power station, capable of delivering hours of emergency power during blackouts and on-demand power while living off-the-grid.

“For Australians that spend time outside camping or off the grid, or for those who don’t have back-up generators to power their properties during a blackout, we understand every watt counts,” Anker Innovations general manager for Australia and New Zealand, Gaspar Xie said.

“With GaNPrime, you get more energy per charge out of the 767 power station, and with 2300W AC power, the 767 can power nearly all essential electronic equipment for days, making the battery the most reliable on the market.”

Anker team (L to R): Lachlan Chu, Rachel Wang, Gaspar Xie, Lexi Yang, Harold Xu & Steven Hoo.

Through integrating GaN (GaNPrime) technology, the PowerHouse 767 delivers a more efficient power solution. Each time a power station gets used, energy is lost in the form of heat. GaNPrime is a more efficient technology (96% compared to 88% to 91% industry standard), allowing users to go longer in between charging cycles.

Because GaNPrime emits less heat, the electronic components of the power station remain up to 30°C cooler than non-GaN, protecting both connected devices and the power station itself. The efficiency achieved by GaNPrime technology reduces energy loss by 60%, making the 767 a more sustainable power source.

InfiniPower is Anker’s proprietary technology developed specifically for power stations, making them built to last more than 10 years with EV-class LiFePO4 batteries rated to maintain 100% capacity for up to 3,000 full charging cycles – six times the industry average.

Industrial-grade electronic components last up to 50,000 hours – also six times longer than the competitor products. Its unibody impact-resistant design is drop-proof, shock-proof, able to withstand years of heavy usage at homes and outdoors. Monitoring the temperature 100 times per second, the life of the power station is prolonged and connected devices are protected.

The 767 can be transported with ease thanks to its ‘suitcase design’ with an extendable and ergonomic EasyTow handle and large wheels designed to navigate uneven outdoor surfaces.

The 767 boasts a 2,048Wh capacity that can double to 4,096Wh with the 760 Expansion Battery. With 2,300W AC power, the 767 can power nearly all essential electronic equipment for days, including home appliances, camping equipment, power tools and mobile devices. Smart AC sockets intelligently detect whether a plug is inserted and automatically turns off if no plug is detected within 15 minutes.

Pair the 767 with up to five 531 Solar Panels (200W) for 1,000 max solar output, capable of recharging the 767 to 100% capacity in as little as 2.5 hours. The 531 panels are designed with a unique stand that can be adjusted at three different angles to capture direct rays for an optimised charge.

Supported by the new Bluetooth-enabled Anker app (no Wi-Fi connection required), users can view real-time input and output visuals, battery health status, receive recharge reminders, customised recharging speeds, as well as AC and screen timing periods.

The Anker Powerhouse 767 will be available to purchase for $3,699 in Q3 2023. Register interest here to receive the latest updates.