Anker Innovations has showcased the new eufy Clean X9 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner with auto-clean station at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month. Featuring a twin-turbo powered MopMaster system, the X9 Pro delivers constant dynamic pressure for up to 1kg of downward pressure and high speed rotational mopping for tough stains.

The advanced vacuum system offers ultra-strong 5,500 Pa suction power with its floating main brush and high-powered motor to pick up dust and debris on different surfaces. The auto-lift mopping system lifts mop pads 13.5mm to avoid carpets and clean surfaces.

AI.See is a smart perception system. 3D ToF sensors and AI camera recognise common household objects to avoid obstacles precisely, including electrical wires, slippers, furniture and more. iPath Laser navigation builds accurate maps of the home for precise navigation and uses a range of custom cleaning modes for a tailored experience.

AI.Map technology 3.0 enables multi-floor mapping in real-time, selective room cleaning and highlights obstacles on the map. The auto-cleaning station cleans and dries the mop pads for a hands-off solution.

In security, eufy unveiled the Smart Wireless Security System engineered to deliver Wi-Fi coverage of up to 5,000 feet or 464 square metres with MultiBridge Wi-Fi technology.

A 1TB storage drive is included to enable free 24/7 continuous recordings for up to 30 days. Local storage can be expanded up to 8TB with a 3.5-inch storage drive. Local AI in the camera and station offload tasks to Cloud AI and allows the system to provide 24/7 comprehensive protection.

With a f1.4 large aperture lens, a high sensitivity sensor, high-powered infrared output and 200 lumen spotlight, the images of the camera system exceed 1080p even when enlarged to four times zoom and sees colour clearly even at night.

The eufy Security Wall Light Cam is a two-in-one wall light and camera featuring full 2K HD wide view and colour night vision. Motion activated lighting and camera are supported by two-way audio and 105dB siren. Users receive up to 25 days of local storage, downloadable and shareable videos.

The Wall Light Cam is also available in a solar version with two hours of daily sun providing a full battery. It is built to last year-round with an IP65 weather resistant rating and users receive up to two months of local storage, downloadable and shareable videos.

Anker also introduced the new Nebula Capsule 3 Laser, small enough to fit in a hand. The 1080p HD display with 300 ISO lumens claims to be 1.8 times brighter than a traditional LED.

With AndroidTV 11.0 OS, users can discover a range of movies, shows, music and games, supported by an 8W built-in speaker with Dolby source decoding. Thanks to auto focus and auto keystones, the Capsule 3 Laser can be set up in seconds and the built-in battery offers 2.5 hours of movie playtime.