Since launching the Kindle Scribe, Amazon has been releasing over-the-air updates in direct response to customer feedback.

Now Kindle Scribe is rolling out the final update in its first series of ongoing improvements, including the ability to convert handwritten notebooks to text when exported, a lasso select tool, PDF reading improvements, and a new selection of books and titles that support direct on page writing. 

With Convert to Text in Export, users can convert handwritten notebooks to text when exported to edit and share the notebook with others over email. In the Share menu, customers have the option to “Convert to text and quick send” and “Convert to text and email” their notebook as a .txt file. For the latter option, customers will be able to preview, review, and edit their notebook before sharing over email to up to five email addresses.

The new Lasso Select Tool works in notebooks, sticky notes, as well as PDFs uploaded to the Kindle library via Send to Kindle. Simply circle handwritten text or pen strokes, then resize or move the selection within a notebook, sticky note, or PDF. It is also possible to cut, copy, and paste the selection.

For PDFs uploaded to the Kindle library through Send to Kindle, including the new Send to Kindle from Microsoft Word on Kindle Scribe, customers can now switch between portrait and landscape view mode, crop margins to increase font size, and select text to make structured highlights, add text notes, or look up dictionary definitions, translations, and Wikipedia results.