Consumers who purchase their capsule coffee machine through supermarkets say they are happy with the machine’s overall performance and value for money according to a new survey conducted by consumer research group Canstar Blue.

Aldi’s Expressi coffee machine and Caffitaly sold through Woolworths performed strongly against  De’Longhi, Nespresso, Sunbeam, Breville and Dolce Gusto in Canstar Blue’s 2015 Most Satisfied Customers Award for coffee machines.

Aldi’s $89 machine which uses 37 cent capsules won the Most Satisfied Customers Award for the third year in a row, achieving a five star rating for overall satisfaction based on a survey of almost 1,000 adults who have bought a coffee machine for their home in the last year.

Canstar Blue coffee machines
Canstar Blue 2015 coffee machine ratings 

“Consumers have agreed that Aldi’s Expressi machine ticks all the boxes,” said head of Canstar Blue Megan Doyle. “At a cost of $89, it shows that quality coffee at home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even taking into account the ongoing cost of capsules, it should result in a significant saving for those who usually get their caffeine fix away from home.

“Consumers with an Aldi Expressi machine report delicious tasting coffee, an easy to clean appliance, and the feeling that they’re getting great value for money — a winning combination in anyone’s book.

“As coffee machines continue to evolve and improve, competition is fierce and consumers are being presented with an increasing number of impressive options — from some huge brands in the industry. That is what makes Aldi’s continued success even more impressive.”

The survey covered all types of coffee machines (capsule, manual and fully automatic) and found the average price consumers paid for their machine was $320.

The main reasons behind purchasing a domestic espresso machine were to make good quality coffee at home (66 per cent), to save money (15 per cent) and to better cater for guests (12 per cent). Just 9 per cent said they bought a coffee machine because they weren’t satisfied with takeaway coffee and 8 per cent wanted one because they are trendy.

According to Canstar Blue, 30 per cent said their machine was an impulse purchase and 37 per cent don’t use it as they thought they would.

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