By Keri Algar

SYDNEY: Edward Moro, VP of worldwide sales for Lexar Media said that given the smartphone boon and the tablets to come, Lexar is expanding into the mobile market.

“Actually one of the reasons we came to Cellnet was the ability for us to grow in the mobile channel. We’ve been doing a pretty good job in that respect; it’s a focus for us,” Moro told “We have relationships with all the key retailers but the mobile is where we have been lacking.”

Today Lexar released a 32GB Class 10 high-speed mobile microSDHC card for mobile phones, which retailers have seen as an opportunity to grow their overall revenues and allow a much better customer experience, according to the company.

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The relationship between Lexar and its distributor Cellnet has been significant in the past two years, according to Cellnet's CEO, Stuart Smith. Smith said that Cellnet had been particularly focused on successfully acquiring new customers in the last year, based on a strong customer service model.

Lexar Media's ANZ national sales manager, Richard Clarke, added to this, saying that the company works to individually engage retailers.

“With these retailers we sit down and work out what their needs are, what sort of products they need and what sort of holes they have within their current line-up,” said Clarke. “In addition we also create unique products for each particular account targeted to what their requirements are.”