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The full Smeg small appliance range in panna.

Almost a year to the day since their global unveiling in Milan, Smeg has released its long-awaited small appliance collection in Australia. Targeted at the high-end of this vital appliance category, Smeg’s range comprises 2- and 4-slice toasters, kettles, and a kitchen mixer, all with an instantly recognisable and divine 1950s styling. A blender will be added to the range later in the year.

The range was officially presented for the first time at an elegant gala unveiling at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, in eastern Sydney, on Thursday 19 March 2015. National marketing manager for Smeg Australia, Jimmy Kalotheos, welcome guests and explained the thinking behind this move into small appliances.

“It is my great pleasure to welcome you all here to the launch of our beautiful new small appliances,” he said. “Many of you might be wondering — ‘Small appliances are a bit of a foray into new ground for Smeg’ — because most of you would recognise Smeg as a manufacturer of cooking appliances. We’ve been manufacturing them for over 70 years, and dishwashers for over 40 years, and the gorgeous FAB fridges for over 20 years.

“Major appliances are a really big part of the company history and in the second half of this year there are some very exciting things happening in the world of Smeg major appliances. But tonight isn’t about major appliances, tonight is about our foray into small appliances.

“Why small appliances? The truth is Smeg’s owner, the Bertazzoni family, are in a privileged position, that being they don’t need to report to a board. Decisions on products don’t necessarily need to be made on the basis of economics. On many occasions, it is about products that they are passionate about.

“Small appliances provide an opportunity for a design statement and a design choice and, even more than that, an opportunity to emote and to connect. These small appliances are an expression of that philosophy.”

Smeg smalls in pastel blue and panna.
Smeg smalls in pastel blue and panna.

Kalotheos said that until now, Smeg hasn’t really been able to talk to so many different types of consumers. The introduction of this range means Smeg now offers a near-complete collection of home appliances, including premium ovens, cooktops, dishwashers and rangehoods, highly efficient laundry appliances and both traditional and vintage refrigerators.

The entire range is available in silver, black, red, panna and pastel blue, while the kettle and 2-slice toaster also available in pastel green and pink.

Designed to be instantly recognisable because of their 1950s styling, not to mention the Zeppelin-inspired mixer, the collection was created in collaboration with Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti. The range has already been honoured with a Good Design award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and a 2015 iF Design Award.

Globally, Smeg is strategically targeting Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States with these small appliances. The department stores will be receiving the first batches, with wider distribution to follow once stock becomes more available.

This author is on Twitter: @Patrickavenell

The range comprises:

Kitchen mixer (SMF01) — RRP $799
Kettle (KLF01) — RRP $199
2-Slice Toaster (TSF01) — silver/chrome, RRP $199
2-Slice Toaster (TSF01) — coloured, RRP $179
4-Slice Toaster (TSF02) — silver/chrome, RRP $219
4-Slice Toaster (TSF01) — coloured, RRP $199

Smeg mixer and kettle.
Smeg mixer and kettle.