By Patrick Avenell

Samsung is offering up to $200 cash back on selected refrigerators as part of a Celebrate Spring consumer promotion. There are 5,000 redemptions available to consumers in this promotion, which runs until Friday 7 October 2011.

Consumers who purchase any of these seven fridges — SRF639GDSS, SRF731GDLS, SRF752DSS, SRF801GDLS, SRS585HDIS, SRS691GDIS and SRS684GDHSS — will receive, via redemption, $200 back from Samsung. This offer is limited to the first 2,600 claims.

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For $100 cash back, consumers can purchase one of these fridges: SRF527DSIST, SRF579DIS, SRS600HNP, SRS712GNW and SRS713GNIS. There are 2,400 claims available for the $100 redemption.

As with all consumer promotions, there are stacks of terms and conditions, so we recommend checking out Samsung’s dedication promotions website for all the details.

An example of the Samsung POS supporting this promotion.