Miele reviews local sales operations

Miele is carefully responding to the coronavirus situation on a daily basis, with the health and wellbeing of employees, their families and trade partners remaining the number one priority.

Miele sales director, Chris Kotis has confirmed that the company has established some guidelines for its retail sales operations, effective last week.

“Our retail sales team will work with each customer and store as part of their normal meeting cycle to determine whether a face-to-face meeting or sales call is still preferred or whether a telephone or video call should be implemented. Either way, we will continue to provide over the phone customer support through our account specialists, coordinators and our sales support team,” he said.

“We will also move our training focus to online training modules to allow team members to continue their learning online and reduce the need to have group training in stores.

“Operationally, we are doing our best to ensure business as usual across all of our departments by implementing appropriate safety and wellbeing measures. To ensure we have appropriate distancing measures in place, we are asking the majority of our office-based workforce to transition to working from home, with the understanding that the team will remain fully accessible via telephone and email.

“As a remote sales team, we want our team members to be in control of the level of customer interaction they have, by consulting with their customers on a preferred engagement method on a regular basis.

“In addition, we will take the necessary safety precautions to protect our employees and trade partners as recommended by the Australian government.”

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