Winning Appliances cuts the ribbon on Chadstone showroom

Winning Appliances has officially opened its 600 square metre Chadstone showroom located inside Chadstone shopping centre. It is the group’s third showroom in Victoria and 17th across the country.

The new showroom, designed by Melbourne-based studio, Cera Stribley Architects, is home to a curated range of appliances from brands such as Gaggenau, Miele, Smeg, Neff, Siemens, Fisher & Paykel, as well as exclusive brands to Winning Appliances, The Galley, Kalamazoo, V-ZUG, Fhiaba and La Marzocco.

There are three bespoke lifestyle kitchens that have been created on an understanding of Winning Appliances most important customer segments, their needs, wants and personal styles. The kitchens include appliances from ILVE, AEG, Bosch, Barazza, Franke, Zip, Pitt and BORA, providing inspiration for the home cook through to the masterchef and entertainer.

John Winning, John Murphy and John Winning Snr cutting the ribbon to officially open the Chadstone showroom

Winning Group CEO, John Winning said, “I am super proud of the Winning Appliances Chadstone showroom. As we have done many times, it is a new concept for us – we are always trying to push the boundaries and try new things. It is the first showroom we have ever had in a shopping centre but what better place to do it than the number one shopping centre in the country – Chadstone.

“We have seen 500 people come through the store everyday since opening and it has twice the amount of foot traffic as our Redfern showroom. We are excited for Victorians to not only see our brand from out the front but come in and experience first-hand what we do and what we pride ourselves on at Winning Appliances.

“This showroom provides our multi-sensory experience and it is a scaled down version. Kingston was about twice the size of Redfern but in the same budget so the square metreage was about half. Now at Chadstone, it is half the size of Redfern but the same budget so the square metreage has doubled. Even though it is a smaller footprint, we hope to provide the same experience.

“There is no other showroom like Chadstone – including our own showrooms – although we have many showrooms which are all unique, I am proud of all them but this one is spectacular and positions us in the luxury space that we like to play. Our customers can get inspired to build their dream kitchens and it gives us joy to watch them walk out and be a piece of their dream home for the years to come.

John Winning addressing attendees

“I would like to thank all of the suppliers that were involved and as always, without them, it would not have been possible. We pride ourselves on searching the globe for the world’s best brands and bringing them to Australia for our customers to enjoy. I can truly say that we have done that job and we have gone to every inch of the globe to find the best appliance kitchen and laundry brands and everyone here, I am proud to be partnered with. Thank you for your financial investment, your time, your effort and your design teams for working with our design teams. We want to do your brand justice and at the same time, do our brand justice and achieve the same Winning Appliances feel.

“I would like to thank Chadstone store manager, Stanley and the team and they have been well supported by Richmond store manager, Alexis. This team had no induction and given the timing with Christmas, they were thrown in the deep end. There weren’t many of them that were here on opening day that had even been employed by us for more than one month with barely any training. There were only four staff out of 10 that had previous experience selling appliances.

The exterior of the Winning Appliances showroom in Chadstone shopping centre

“We are relying on Ed, Matt and Chris from the Winning Academy to bring them up to speed with many product experts and managers that have come down to support the team and help train them up and work alongside them, not only from Victoria but from Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and ACT.

“I would also like to thank Cera Stribley Architects – they have an amazing reputation and they have done an amazing job as always in producing the showroom. A special mention to Coco Republic, Vintec and Lyre’s – they have all sponsored this event and are happy to have them on board. Also, our events manager, Will Marshall and the culinary team.

“With this showroom, our Richmond flagship showroom and our Brighton showroom, which is yet to have the Winning Appliances touch to it, we are now three stores strong in Victoria and we are looking forward to what the future holds – it is only the beginning for us.”

John Murphy added, “Thank you all for coming. It is a spectacular showroom and it really represents who we are and what we want to be – not only now but in the future. It is a generational business and the team are excited about the prospect that is uniquely an Australian family business that will continue to grow and prosper under Herman’s stewardship. Thank you for your support.”

John Winning Snr addressing attendees 

John Winning Snr commented, “I remember when my father and I put the first Miele and Gaggenau cooking appliances in the shed that we traded out of, we thought that was flash and now I think this is flash and I can’t imagine what he would think of it. I haven’t been working in the business for 15 years but I think I stepped out at the right time when new thinking came into the business with Herman and I can’t believe the job he has gone out and done and he thinks he is only just starting so brace yourselves.”

“Anything that I have done, I have learnt from my dad and it has been an inspiration from what both him and John Murphy have done. Everything that we do for the customer and customer experience, you can’t teach that, it’s something that you are born into and watch the absolute obsession with making sure that every single customer is impressed and we owe everything to these guys because it would not be the business it is today, if I had not taken it from where they left it and I could not be prouder to put my mark on the business as they did before me. Thank you for everything that you have done and what you have left me with – great values.”


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