Miele announces changes to global business structure

As part of transformation program.

Miele has developed the largest growth and innovation initiative in its history – Design2Excellence – in response to changing customer behaviours, the rise of digital services and increasing price pressures from competitors.

In a statement supplied to Appliance Retailer, Miele said it will bundle its operating business into eight comprehensively responsible business units and significantly increase its investments in digital marketing and new areas of business. As a result, savings of circa 190 million euros (A$305 million) per year are expected.

“By the end of 2021, up to 1,070 jobs could be shed worldwide, including 240 in Germany, thereof most at the headquarters in Guetersloh and in the sales department,” the statement said.

“This involves, for example, reducing parallel structures and promoting cross-border synergies. Enforced redundancies are to be avoided wherever possible. In return, it is planned to create around 470 new jobs, for instance in the area of digital competence.

“According to the executive board, Miele will set the path for sustainable and profitable growth at the right time and from a position of strength.”

Further details on how the initiative will impact the Australian market are yet to be announced.


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