Dyson releases its most energy efficient hand dryer

With latest acoustics, design and more.

The Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer is now available to commercial spaces, including shopping centres and restaurants, after three years in development. Priced at $1,590, it is the fastest and most energy efficient HEPA-filtered hand dryer to date and is the quietest Dyson Airblade hand dryer.

The motor and airflow technology built into the new hand dryer allow it to use up to 87% less energy than warm air dryers in Eco mode.

Other Dyson technology featured in the Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer include a curved blade design, Dyson digital motor V4 shifting 23 litres of air per second for quick drying, touch-free operation means sensors detect hand movement and fleece-lined glass fiber HEPA filter.

Dyson chief engineer, Jake Dyson said, “At Dyson we believe hand drying should be fast, hygienic and responsible in its energy use. We solved many of these problems with the launch of the first Dyson Airblade in 2006 and we continue to pioneer with the Dyson Airblade 9kJ. From the acoustics to its design, everything has been rethought to deliver the best performance without any compromise on user experience or hygiene.”

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