New Portable TV

Solar-powered to go.

The new Go TV from Canohm is solar and battery powered for watching TV just about anywhere.

Larger than a traditional tablet or smartphone, it comes in a 32-inch screen size, accompanied by a dedicated tabletop stand. 

Fully equipped with a four-panel solar design, the on-board 40-watt solar panel battery pack lasts up to seven hours and fully charges within three hours. The off the grid multipurpose design means it can be used for camping, sporting and other outdoor activities. The battery pack operates independently from an additional power source to run lighting, water pumps and other appliances.

It also connects to multiple devices via HDMI, VGA and Mini AV for accessing traditional products such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray, laptop computers and camcorders as well as Free-to-air TV. There is an earphone input for connecting headphones.

The GTV-3200 is available to order online or contact Canohm for product and distribution enquiries.

Available in a black finish, it is covered by a 12-month Australian warranty and retails at $699.

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