Jura celebrates 25 years since inception

And the production of over 5.5 million machines.

In 1994, Jura took its first steps on the path to achieving success across the globe with the launch of the IMPRESSA 500. Now, 25 years on, Jura is an innovation leader in the premium automatic coffee machine segment and has established its presence in more than 50 markets with more than 5.5 million automatic coffee machines produced.

Jura Australia general manager, George Liakatos said, “What makes every one of Jura’s products so special is their cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality standards, clear and distinctive design, intuitive operation, and the perfect coffee result dispensed into each cup.”

The Jura GIGA 6 coffee machine is due to launch in 2020

Technicians create the components and systems; software developers incorporate artificial intelligence into electronic controllers to complete processes at the touch of a button; computer scientists create new user interfaces and bring additional functions to smartphone apps, and quality assurance specialists constantly test components, prototypes and series production units to guarantee durability – making around four million cups of coffee every year for this purpose alone.

“All the innovations that we are presenting globally are the results of Jura employees’ efforts to achieve perfection. The latest flagship product from Jura is the GIGA 6, which will launch in Australia in 2020,” Liakatos said.

The GIGA 6 made its debut at IFA in Berlin, featuring a selection of 28 specialty coffees, two ceramic disc grinders, two pumps and two thermoblocks to allow two coffees to be prepared simultaneously.

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