John Winning explains price and value promise

By treating all customers equally.

At the opening of the Winning Appliances Richmond flagship showroom, Winning Group CEO, John Winning explained how the team ensures customers are consistently provided with the best value.

Winning said he has learned a lot of what he knows about retail and customer service from his dad, John Winning Snr and John Murphy.

“The market is more competitive than ever so the Winning Appliances business continues to change and evolve to meet market demands and expectations but what won’t change is our attention to the customer and the fact that we will always strive to have the best shopping experience in the world and that’s what gets us up and out of bed,” he said.

“Over the years, customers have had the choice of shopping anywhere and many retailers have some of the brands that we have, so we want to make sure that we give a market competitive price. It might be hard to do, with up to 9,000 SKUs and model numbers, to ensure that we are always the cheapest but we don’t expect a customer to pay a dollar more from us than from anyone else for the same product and service.

“We know that dollar for dollar we stand with hand on heart and my team in the Winning Group know that dollar for dollar we are absolutely the best place to shop and the best value that you will get with your money,” he continued.

Winning referenced a saying on John Murphy’s wall – price is what you pay and value is what you get – and the Winning Group don’t expect anyone to pay a dollar more than anyone else.

“We will absolutely give you the best value for those dollars that you pay and we will always be here to match any prices if we do happen to not be market competitive.

“The team work very hard on looking at the market and making sure that we give our discount up front. We have an everyday low price that we stand by and we try not to play old-world tactics.

“I know that a lot of people are used to walking into a retailer and having to haggle, but we believe that in this day and age there is no reason why my grandfather should pay any more than my father, just because he may or may not be a better negotiator or that a friend of mine that is timid and thinks that they can walk into a retail store and the price they get is really what they should pay.

“To us every customer is equal – we don’t mind if you are spending $400 on a dryer or $40,000 on a full kitchen package, we treat everyone the same and we want everyone to get our service that we have built the business on for generations.

“I am always available, and you can always talk to any of our store managers or anyone from our leadership team, my aunty is the head of our customer experience team – so we have family at the heart of everything we do with the customer. We are always available to talk– we absolutely stand by our service and we are here personally to help in any way we can should we get it wrong.”


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