Electrolux joins forces with Radaro

To improve product delivery.

Electrolux has rolled out enterprise technology platform, Radaro to notify customers of expected delivery windows for products and a live estimated time of arrival (ETA). The Electrolux team also benefits from a more informed and proactive approach to customer enquiries.

Electrolux Australia operations director, Derek Haley said Radaro is simplifying customer communications about product deliveries.

“Our drivers are accountable with Radaro as it is easier for customers to give us real-time feedback. This instantaneous feedback means a reduction in customer escalations and allows us to respond quickly to issues. By knowing when the delivery is going to occur, they are not waiting anxiously the whole day for the delivery to occur,” he said.

“This has resulted in fewer missed deliveries due to customers not being home to receive their products. We have seen a 25% reduction in failed deliveries since the Radaro roll-out and now have over 30% of customers providing feedback. Furthermore, customer reviews have jumped from 4.3 stars to an average of 4.7 stars.”

Before introducing Radaro, delivery drivers regularly received phone calls while driving. The real-time information now provided by the system is also helping to reduce driver distraction which in turn contributes to a safer workplace for Electrolux’s contracted drivers and other road users.

“Driver distraction is a major contributor to vehicle accidents, by reducing this it means it’s safer for the driver,” Haley said.

JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys and Miele are just some of the other brands embracing Radaro technology. Launched in 2017, Radaro’s founders were inspired by Uber passengers having the ability to track drivers’ progress and receive an accurate arrival time.

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