Brad Wright joins Narta as head of commercial

A newly-created role.

Former Samsung Australia executive Brad Wright has joined Narta in a newly-created role as Head of Commercial.

Commenting on the appointment, Narta chief executive officer, Michael Jackson told Appliance Retailer the role was created to strengthen the senior management pool at Narta and to provide further diversification.

“Over the last few years, Narta has changed its value to shareholding members and suppliers outside of traditional buying. This allows Narta to drive further value through retail services including marketing, data, customer experience and procurement. Centralised  procurement has provided cost efficiencies in areas such as electricity, cash in transit, gift cards, marketing, waste removal and others. Our procurement programme has expanded our affiliate membership base, few examples, Fantastic furniture, Metcash, IGA, Estee Lauder, Jaycar, Calvin Klein as well as suppliers to the electrical retailing industry.

“In addition to this we also have expanded our marketing programme into TV, Digital and launched National Product Review. The continued investment and expansion of our Data provides ‘Dash Boards’ to our retailers delivering a total end-to-end solution, retail insights, performance, opportunity analysis, stock on hand, run rates, forecasting, end of life management etc. etc. and this will soon commence as a platform for suppliers to have access to.

“With all of these elements, that are separate to the buying function, Brad’s role creates leadership support to all these new areas, our affiliate non-shareholding members and the opportunity to enter new business.

“While buying still represents the volume and foundation of our business, the future value will be delivered through operational efficiencies, retail services, procurement as well as data and logistics. Our combined value in all these areas, leveraging our scale will deliver a much more valued added business to our shareholders and suppliers today and into the future. We have some exciting new initiatives that will further enhance and grow our business including start-up pillars, that Brad will build and execute with his new role. We are looking forward to what Brad will provide the group and our partners and know that his experience at both Samsung and Schneider will provide further strength to what we do. Brad understands the supplier side, all the pain points connected to the delivery of data, marketing, logistics, stock management and he will also provide fresh ways and ideas to add further value.”


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