Retail spend falls but foot traffic sustained

According to recent survey.

Nearly one in three Australians went into a department store, specialist store or fashion store in the last week, and more than half went into a store in the last fortnight, according to recent data from parcel delivery service, CouriersPlease.

The data comes from a survey of a nationally representative panel of 1021 Australians, asking respondents when they last visited a department store, specialist store (such as a technology shop) or fashion store.

From the results, CP found that 31% of respondents last stepped into a store in the previous week, a further 23% visited two weeks prior, and a further 23% went into a store in the two-four weeks prior. This indicates three-quarters of consumers (77%) stepped into a retail store in the last month.

When comparing the States, CP found that more WA shoppers visited retailers in the previous week (42%) than those in any other State. In NSW, for instance, just 28% of residents and 30% of Victorians walked into a store in the previous week.

CP spokesperson Jessica Ip said it is encouraging to see that online shopping hasn’t caused a mass exodus of shoppers from stores.

“While retail spending has gone down, our survey indicates that shopper foot traffic has been maintained. The key for retailers is to convert that traffic into purchases.

“While retailers are increasingly having a strong focus on eCommerce, many are now not only investing in the online channel, but they are also strengthening the omni-channel experience shoppers get both in-store and online to provide a single unified feel for the brand. They’re aiming to provide consistency across all areas – from the shopping experience, to delivery to returns – and by doing so, retailers are likely to leave a positive impression on shoppers, regardless of the way they choose to purchase.”

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